I journal on a daily basis to reflect upon my thoughts and I just thought it was time to share this with other people and potentially help out. I actually think everybody should do that so you crystalise your ideas and expose your material. WordPress seems to be the best tool: https://wordpress.com/chooseyourself?aff=5155

My first focus is on investment. I’m often asked about investments and personal finances simply because I studied Economics and I read a lot of books. Ultimately, we all want to achieve financial freedom and live life in our terms. I’m astonished by how many banks and brokers take advantage of the complex system we have and charge us outrageous amounts simply to “teach” you useless techniques that only makes you trade more frequently and hence pay more admin fees to the same banks and brokers.

I’m also interested in fitness, sports, mindfulness, philosophy and loads of other things. To be concise I am passionate about improving myself. Let’s embark on this journey together 🙂

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